Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a ton of potential for successful real estate investments, and San Juan del Sur is right at the heart of this potential growth. With beautiful beaches, close proximity to great attractions, and a colorful and exciting local culture, properties in San Juan del Sur are a great investment, whether you want to move there or simply invest in property there.

A Beautiful Town on the Pacific Coast

San Juan del Sur is situated on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, only 45 minutes from Costa Rica. It is a diverse and invaluable town where locals and ex-pats enjoy living in paradise. This town is full of lively entertainment with day and nightlife activities, healthy restaurants and markets, as well as healthy living amenities such as yoga, fishing, surfing, horseback riding, swimming, and endless outdoor activities.

This town is full of diverse real estate investment opportunities. An apartment or home in the bustling town center is sure to attract strong short term renters from individuals looking to be close to the action. While property in the mountains that surround the town will attract families and renters looking for a more tranquil experience in a picturesque vacation home. Our commercial properties for sale offer boundless room to execute your dream project and develop your vision. If you want to learn more, give us a call at 718-213-4748 or message us.

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