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Large Beachside Estate in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

USD $650,000

930 m2
10000 sq ft
Property ID 17921

About the Property

Perched elegantly across the street from the shores of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, this Large Beachside Estate emerges as a pinnacle of luxury and serene refuge. Spanning over an impressive 10,000 square feet, this expansive sanctuary is a harmonious blend of extravagant comfort and exquisite architectural finesse.

This grand estate, far from ordinary, unfolds in a series of luxurious spaces. The primary villa, a masterpiece in its own right, houses four splendid bedrooms, each featuring its climate oasis with air conditioning and exclusive dressing rooms. Culinary dreams awaken in a gourmet kitchen, and life’s moments find their stage on patios that wrap around the home, adorned with handcrafted furniture and inviting hammocks for leisurely afternoons.

Outside, the azure embrace of a large pool beckons, surrounded by opportunities for alfresco entertainment, including a top-tier barbecue setup, perfect for social delights under the starlit sky.

Complementing the main residence, two charming casitas stand on the grounds of the Large Beachside Estate. The larger sibling presents two cozy bedrooms, exuding warmth and privacy, while the smaller offers a solitary haven, perfect for guests seeking a more intimate retreat. Both promise comfort, complete with private patios and the modern necessity of air conditioning.

Adding a layer of functional elegance, the property boasts a space adaptable as a guest annex, initially purposed for the caretaker. This potential transformation spotlights the estate’s flexible nature, further emphasized by a well-equipped laundry area and a spacious garage, stocked with maintenance essentials.

Security is skillfully woven into the estate’s tapestry, with a robust system of cameras and fortified walls safeguarding its perimeters, instilling a sense of undisturbed tranquility.

The Large Beachside Estate distinguishes itself with its readiness for immediate occupancy or entrepreneurial exploitation, furnished meticulously with pieces that narrate a tale of elegance and modern aesthetics. Its reputation within the rental market underscores its promise as a fruitful investment.

Located in the prestigious La Talanguera neighborhood, the property positions its inhabitants just moments from the beach’s soothing waves and the city’s rhythmic heartbeat, delivering a symphony of peaceful seclusion and urban excitement.

Adventure seekers will find San Juan del Sur’s environs ripe for exploration, offering everything from aquatic escapades to nature’s verdant embrace.

The Large Beachside Estate represents not just luxurious accommodation but an elevated lifestyle. It stands as a testament to sophisticated coastal living, promising a unique blend of opulent relaxation, convenience, and robust investment potential, all within the vibrant setting of San Juan del Sur.  Whether looking for a full-time residence, vacation home, or commercial venture, the possibilities are endless with this Large Beachside Estate.

Property Features

Air Conditioning
Ceiling Fans
Electricity Connection
Mature Landscaping
Paved Property
Walking Distance to Ocean
Walking Distance to San Juan Del Sur
Water Connection

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