Discover the New Casa Oro: A Journey of Transformation

In this engaging video, Leslie from Invest Nicaragua takes us on a tour of the newly relaunched Casa Oro Hostel and Café in the heart of San Juan del Sur. Joined by his good friend and client, Muffadal Saylawala, they discuss investing in Nicaragua and explore the evolution of Casa Oro from a popular hostel to a premier destination for Nicaraguan chocolate and coffee enthusiasts.

Investing in Nicaragua: Business, Life, and More with Muffadal Saylawala

Investing in Nicaragua; Embracing Nature and Community

Beyond discussing his experience of investing in Nicaragua, Muffadal expresses his profound admiration for the country’s unspoiled natural splendor, spanning from its pristine beaches to majestic volcanoes. His fervor for sustainable business practices propelled him to reshape Casa Oro into a nucleus for eco-tourism and community involvement. This odyssey commenced over a decade ago when Muffadal volunteered on a permaculture farm, sparking his vision for a venture that would positively influence the environment and the local community.

The Vision Behind Casa Oro Café

The video unveils the meticulous planning and dedication that went into Casa Oro’s transformation. Muffadal underscores the significance of crafting a space that fosters connections among travelers and locals alike. The café, now an animated extension of the hostel, presents a heightened experience with premium Nicaraguan chocolate and coffee, harmonizing traditional flavors with contemporary preparation techniques acquired in Chicago.

A Commitment to Regenerative Practices

Casa Oro Café’s mission goes beyond serving excellent coffee and chocolate. Muffadal emphasizes his commitment beyond investing in Nicaragua, to create a regenerative supply chain that benefits every stakeholder, from farmers to consumers. This sustainable approach reflects their dedication to positively impacting both the environment and the community.

Full Circle: From Investing in Nicaragua, then Chicago, and Back

Muffadal’s journey took him from Nicaragua to Chicago, where he opened Oro Chocolate and Coffee. This unique café in Wicker Park showcases the same values of transparency and quality, offering customers a direct connection to the source of their products. The video invites viewers to experience this full-circle connection by visiting both Casa Oro in Nicaragua and Oro Chocolate and Coffee in Chicago.

Join Leslie and Muffadal as they celebrate the relaunch of Casa Oro, a testament to sustainable business, community, and Nicaragua’s unparalleled beauty & uniqueness. Investing in Nicaragua is just the beginning of Muffadal’s incredible story!