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Hacienda Iguana real estate is a surf lovers' dream come true in an amenity-rich gated community in front of Playa Colorado.

Hacienda Iguana: Exclusive Real Estate for Surf Lovers

Hacienda Iguana is a picturesque, vibrant community on the pristine Emerald Coast in Tola, Nicaragua. It offers a unique blend of natural beauty, luxury, and tranquility and is a highly sought-after destination for real estate investment. Hacienda Iguana real estate places you in a luxury gated development with access to the best surf breaks in Nicaragua.

This exclusive development is located in one of Nicaragua’s most scenic regions, known for its lush landscapes and breathtaking beaches. At Hacienda Iguana, residents and visitors are greeted with an array of exquisite real estate, from elegant beachfront homes and condos to golf-course view condos, each designed to blend seamlessly with the area’s natural beauty. Homeowners enjoy amenities like a beachfront clubhouse, a 9-hole golf course, and international cuisine.

Investing in Hacienda Iguana is more than acquiring property; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that combines luxury living with the charm and beauty of Nicaragua’s spectacular coastline. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence, a vacation home, or a lucrative investment opportunity, Hacienda Iguana offers something special for everyone.

Surfing at Playa Colorado

Playa Colorado is a world-renowned beach set within the exclusive Hacienda Iguana development.  It is celebrated for its stunning beauty and exceptional surfing conditions. Accessible only through Hacienda Iguana, this hidden gem offers an exclusive and tranquil experience. Surf enthusiasts flock here to ride the flawless barrels and consistent waves that have put Playa Colorado on the map as a top surfing destination in the world. The beach’s seclusion and exclusivity make it a coveted spot for both residents and visitors seeking a serene escape in a spectacular setting – adding to the allure and exclusivity of Hacienda Iguana real estate.

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Beachfront Lot at Hacienda Iguana - Lot A8 - Real Estate - Tola - Invest Nicaragua
Beachfront Condo Costa Mar Hacienda Iguana Invest Nicaragua Real Estate San Juan del Sur Tola

Beachfront Condo in Hacienda Iguana in Tola

USD $475,000

Live a life of luxury in this Beachfront Condo in Hacienda Iguana, Nicaragua’s premier gated community.  Beachfront property in Nicaragua is rare to find.  This beachfront condo in Hacienda Iguana offers an amazing location and a turnkey property for you to enjoy immediately!

2013 sq ft
ID 5076
View Listing

Two Acres on Hacienda Iguana Road in Tola

USD $60,000

These Half Acre Commercial Lots on the Hacienda Iguana entrance road are the lots you’ve been waiting for!  

8000 m2
ID 8264
View Listing

Surf House at Hacienda Iguana in Tola

USD $589,000

Check out this newly constructed Turnkey Surf House in the exclusive Hacienda Iguana beachfront community. Walk to the surf!

800 m2
3200 sq ft
ID 12067
View Listing
Balcony Oceanfront at Hacienda Iguana.

Hacienda Iguana Oceanfront Condo in Tola

USD $259,000

This Hacienda Iguana Oceanfront condo is a second-floor unit that offers a blend of comfort, luxury, and breathtaking ocean views.

1306 sq ft
ID 17492
View Listing
Nestled Eco Casita at Hacienda Iguana.

Hacienda Iguana Eco Casita in Tola

USD $209,000

This Hacienda Iguana Eco Casita is the perfect turnkey home for full-time living, vacationing, or as an income-producing rental property.

413 m2
880 sq ft
ID 14444
View Listing
Beachfront Condo with Pool.

Hacienda Iguana Beachfront Condo in Tola

USD $400,000

Experience unparalleled luxury in this Hacienda Iguana Beachfront Condo, located in one of Nicaragua’s premier gated communities.

1431 sq ft
ID 16759
View Listing

Hacienda Iguana River Lot in Tola

USD $165,000

This Hacienda Iguana River Lot is a stunning half-acre property within walking distance of Playa Colorado, in Hacienda Iguana. Surfs up!

2104 m2
ID 16707
View Listing
Perfect Lot at Hacienda Iguana.

Second Row Lot F2 in Hacienda Iguana in Tola

USD $165,000

Discover the allure of Second Row Lot F2 in the prestigious Hacienda Iguana development.

1335 m2
ID 16720
View Listing
Hacienda Iguana Golf Condo.

Hacienda Iguana Golf Condo in Tola

USD $169,000

This Hacienda Iguana Golf Condo is a great priced option for those looking for amenities, great waves, security, and community!

1157 sq ft
ID 2923
View Listing

Hacienda Iguana Beach House in Tola

USD $419,000

 Located in the beachfront community of Hacienda Iguana, this tropical two bedrooms 3, bathrooms Beach House blends coastal architecture and modern, luxury design.

1000 m2
1991 sq ft
ID 3156
View Listing

Oceanfront Condo at Hacienda Iguana in Tola

USD $279,000

This Oceanfront Condo at Hacienda Iguana is a rare find that you must see.

1650 sq ft
ID 11162
View Listing

Beachfront Home in Hacienda Iguana in Tola

USD $2,195,000

It doesn’t get much better than this one-of-a-kind Beachfront Home in Hacienda Iguana, Tola, Nicaragua.

1500 m2
4569 sq ft
ID 13111
View Listing

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