Beachfront Lot at Hacienda Iguana - Lot A8 - Real Estate - Tola - Invest Nicaragua

We have all dreamt of living on the beach. Waking up to the sounds of the ocean. Sipping your morning coffee as you watch the waves. The sand between your toes as you breathe in fresh air. However, this beautiful imagery does not need to remain a daydream. Thankfully, there is still an opportunity in Nicaragua to live on the beach. Beachfront property at Hacienda Iguana offers a win-win: a picturesque lifestyle and an excellent investment opportunity. Here are our reasons why:

1. Location, location, location

As the adage goes: “Buy land, they aren’t making any more.” We must emphasize this concept when discussing beachfront land as it is much more scarce than non-beachfront land. Likewise, beachfront property within a gated community with ample amenities is more valuable and desirable.

Therefore, Hacienda Iguana provides the best of both worlds: an amenity-rich gated community titled beachfront land, and let’s not forget the world-class surf of Playa Colorado. What else could you ask for? Whether you build your dream home or hold the lot for appreciation, it’s a safe bet that there is no shortage of individuals ready to own a piece of the beach.

2. Luxury Corridor

Due to the area’s substantial investment and development, Tola is known as the luxury corridor, and with good reason. Tola is home to some of the most high-end developments in Nicaragua: Guacalito de La Isla, Rancho Santana, and Hacienda Iguana. Beyond the breathtaking accommodations, grounds, and amenities, these developments act as anchors for each other to support the overall development of the Tola.

The developers and property owners continue to invest via homes, commercial projects, amenities, and infrastructure, collectively adding value to the property and the area. Likewise, the Emerald Coast Private International Airport is less than 2 miles from Hacienda Iguana and a short ride from the other developments. Therefore, the area is easily accessible and provides a strong foundation of major developments and infrastructure to support future growth.

3. The surf

Hacienda Iguana’s one-mile-pristine beach is home to the world-famous Playa Colorado and its two awesome breaks: Colorado and Panga Drops. A surfer’s dream, Playa Colorado is a private beach that can only be accessed via Hacienda Iguana or by boat.

Unlike many other surfing destinations, Nicaragua’s year-round deep water swells create awesome waves over 300 days of the year. Strong offshore winds provided by Lake Nicaragua create one of the most consistent waves in the country, allowing you to surf year-round. Beachfront Property at Hacienda Iguana gives you unlimited access to Playa Colorado. Whether in the water or relaxing under the sun, Playa Colorado is an unforgettable setting.

4. Amenities

Unfortunately, we cannot spend every waking moment at the beach! But don’t fret, Hacienda Iguana offers an array of amenities within the development. Start your day with golf on the beautifully manicured 9-hole course. After some fun on the links, head to one of the various restaurants for a delicious meal. You’ll love Pili’s Kitchen, a beachfront restaurant & bar great for watching the surf and socializing with friends. Dinner at Casa Anana’s will take your taste buds to Italy with their incredible daily menu.

Take your bike or golf cart out for a ride to pick up food, household items, surf wax, or some cervezas at one of the many retail stores within the community. After this exhausting day of fun in the sun, treat yourself to the spa or a yoga class; you deserve it! There is no shortage of amenities or activities to keep you smiling!

Why we love the beachfront at Hacienda Iguana

What is there not to love? You can live ON a pristine white sand beach in front of world-class surf in a private gated community. The amenities create an enjoyable atmosphere and add value to your property. Furthermore, it’s a safe investment backed not only by Hacienda Iguana but also by the solid neighboring developments and infrastructure. As Hacienda Iguana and neighboring developments continue to enhance themselves through investment and growth, Tola will continue to cement its title as the luxury corridor.

Ready to live on the beach? Here is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.