Property and Rental Management

Imagine you have been eyeing your dream property for months. You have figured out how you will finance your purchase and have investigated each and every step of buying real estate in Nicaragua. But one big question remains: who will take care of your dream home after you buy it? Whether you are buying a property to rent on Airbnb or purchasing your dream vacation home, you will need some form of assistance to manage your property and put your mind at ease. Property Management and Rental Management in Nicaragua are typically viewed as two distinct services in the beach towns of San Juan del Sur and Tola. This article will explain the difference between the two and how your property can be managed from afar, out of necessity, or by choice.

Property Management in Nicaragua

Property Management is defined as overseeing residential or commercial real estate – including apartments/condos, detached houses, and land- owned by another party or entity. Roles and responsibilities vary depending on the type of property, but in general, a Property Manager is responsible for:

Paying Bills – included but not limited to annual property taxes, electricity, water, internet/cable, services and vendor fees, and HOA fees

Paying Employees – cleaning staff, caretaker, pool cleaner, and gardener

Maintenance and Repairs – keep the property in the best condition possible through general maintenance and repairs and/or updating, as well as supervising any work that is performed on the property

Manage Financial Budget and Records – maintain budget of income and expenses while keeping detailed records of what is occurring in the house.

Collect Rent – receive and manage rental income from renters

Rental Management in Nicaragua

A Rental Manager’s primary role is to acquire renters for a property and ensure that they have an enjoyable experience while staying there. They are also responsible for:

Marketing and Sales – actively marketing the property to potential renters through rental platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and social media

Check-in & Check-out – clean & prepare the home before renters arrive, check inventory, and clean the home after renters leave

Manage Rental Experience – speak to renters before and during their stay to ensure there are no issues and that the rental meets the guest’s expectations.

Provide Feedback to Owner – based on comments from guests, keep the owner informed of feedback regarding any improvements that need to be made to the property, such as updating linen or a faulty A/C unit, in addition to providing suggestions to elevate the customer experience.

It’s important to note that Property and rental management services in San Juan del Sur and Tola should be viewed case-by-case, as each property and owner will have different needs and expectations. The popular travel blog Lonely Planet ranks Nicaragua as one of the top destinations for 2024; make sure you have the right rental manager if you plan to rent your property!

Choosing The Right Provider

There are a variety of options for Property & Rental Management in Nicaragua. Real estate agencies, management companies, and individuals provide these services. In most cases, the same individual or company can provide both Property and Rental Management if desired. Based on your individual needs, you will want to select someone that aligns with your particular goals for the property and understands what you expect from them. Your real estate agent will be able to share options for providers and can assist in selecting the appropriate party.

If you are buying a vacation home that you do not plan to rent, only a Property Manager will be necessary as you will not have renters coming and going. If you purchase a property intending to rent it out as much as possible, you will want to select a Rental Manager with proven experience in marketing short-term rentals. Identifying your goals and objectives is key to choosing the appropriate management service.


In San Juan del Sur, Property Management services can cost approximately $100 – $150 USD per month, depending on the property’s location and the extent of the services being provided. Rental Management services generally cost 20% of the income produced via rentals. In Tola, Property Management services range from approximately $250 – $300 USD a month, whereas Rental Management services generally cost 30% of the income produced via rentals. As mentioned above, one provider can be used for both Property & Rental Management, potentially lowering the overall fee. Also, based on your desired services a customized package can be created for your specific needs.

For example, if you plan to actively source your rental clients and handle all the communication with them before and during their stay, a Rental Manager would be flexible in pricing, especially if they are only greeting the guest for check-in / check-out while remaining on standby during the guests’ stay. Similarly, if you’ve acquired a long-term renter for your property who will be paying all the monthly bills and paying rent directly, you may only need a Property Manager to pay your annual tax and handle any unplanned repairs that arise.

Whether you need the full package of comprehensive services or a customizable option, rest assured that there are individuals and companies on the ground in San Juan del Sur and Tola who can provide exactly what you need.

Why Use Property and Rental Management in Nicaragua?

Most of our clients do not live in Nicaragua full-time and spend most of their time outside of the country. Hiring a Property and rental Manager in Nicaragua can help you design a truly “hands-off” investment that allows you to focus on your priorities at home while outsourcing the management of your real estate in San Juan del Sur and Tola. Additionally, local managers have established relationships with rental platforms, contractors, and service providers, saving you countless time and energy.

If you are seeking a true armchair’s length investment, contact us to help you identify your real estate goals and the people on the ground to help make them a reality.

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