Thinking of relocating to Nicaragua? Check out these 6 reasons why others are making the move, and why you should too!

6 Reasons Why People are Relocating to Nicaragua - Invest Nicaragua - Real Estate

There is no question that many North Americans are relocating to Nicaragua and it’s an “it” destination. Located in Central America, it is most famous for its lush biodiversity, tremendous real estate investment opportunities, all year round surfing, and low cost of living.  All these, and many more, contribute to the fact that the country is an amazing place to consider relocating to.

Some people are looking to retire overseas. Others are looking for a life by the beach. Some are simply looking to move abroad and start a new life. Nevertheless, Nicaragua has something to offer everybody and is a very convenient place to relocate to.

Here are the top 6 reasons why people are moving to this breathtaking country and why you should make it your new home:

1. There’s So Much to Do

Because of its varied geographic features, ranging from sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters to live volcanoes, this country has a lot to offer. The year-round warm weather allows for unlimited fun in the sun activities like beach hopping, surfing, volcano hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling – the list is endless!

If you are passionate about staying active, Nicaragua has a good fitness culture. You will never get bored of doing the same activities over and over again as you would back home.

2. An Affordable Lifestyle and a Beautiful home

In Nicaragua, real estate is cheaper than anywhere in North America and Europe. The price of a 4 bedroom home with a panoramic view of the ocean is similar to buying a one-bedroom condo in any major city in North America. Not only that – but the cost of living is cheaper as well.

The local markets provide all you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, from organic fruits and vegetables to delicious desserts and baked goods. Feeling like a night out? Done are the days of spending over a hundred dollars on one family meal. Nicaragua has some of the most delicious food in the world all at an exceptionally reasonable price.

3. Endless Vacation Destinations within Nicaragua

Looking to indulge in a cultural experience with your family? From the far north of Nicaragua to down south, here are a few of the most popular destinations to check out:

4. Amenities / Comforts of home by the beach

In addition to the excellent infrastructure and reliable high-speed internet, Nicaragua has a wide range of general amenities that make your time here comfortable and enjoyable. Some of these amenities include;

Feel rest assured knowing that you do not have to give up your comfort and amenities when relocating to Nicaragua.

5. Affordable Healthcare for Expats

Hospitals within Nicaragua provide world-class care at low costs with the added benefit of offering English speaking doctors at nearly every major hospital and clinic. Procedures such as surgeries, dental work, and skin treatments are of extremely high quality and reasonably priced as compared to nearby countries.

Nicaragua also provides free public health care, allowing you to get the immediate care you need at any of the public hospitals within the country.

6. Simple Living

Nicaragua is where minimalism meets happiness. Here, you will find that the people of this country, locals and ex-pats, live a very simple lifestyle. They say hello to their passing neighbors, are constantly outdoors and being active, and always take the time to stop and enjoy the sunset. Here in Nicaragua, it is the simple things in life that are celebrated – the things that are the most important at the end of each day.

Planning to Relocate to Nicaragua?

No matter where you are from, or how you want your life to look, Nicaragua is a key destination for international citizens and expatriates looking to settle down and live a more adventurous life. 

Whether you want to live somewhere quiet, near the coast where you can sit back and listen to the waves gently lapping the seashore or you’d prefer the hustle and bustle of a colonial city,  then you should definitely take a closer look at Nicaragua.

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