The idea of building a house in San Juan Del Sur can be intimidating, but when done correctly, it is an exciting experience. There are many elements that go into a home. Beyond the physical design, there are permits, septic plans, power or solar decisions, earth movement, and more. Building a home in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, might include some steps that you are unfamiliar with.

It is important to connect with a builder who is familiar with the building process in San Juan del Sur and capable of building a home that will meet your expectations. Building regulations are not as stringent as those in North America and Europe, so working with a builder who clearly understands your vision and is able to implement it is key. We recommend interviewing a least two builders for any home build. Ask to see previous projects in person, ask for references, and make sure all your questions are clearly answered before signing any contracts.

While it is imperative to do your own research for this very important decision, we can suggest a few builders and designers to help get you started in your search.

Ground Breaking Industries

Nicaraguan-born but raised in Canada, Wesley Tiffer thinks his team is the key to his success. Tiffer has been building in Nicaragua for more than five years. He is a structural engineer by trade. He also operates an all-in-one building company where he does architecture, engineering, earth movement, building, and more. He currently has 13 projects in the works, from Playa Coco to Remanso and outside of San Juan del Sur.

He has a team of roughly 48 workers underneath him, plus some subcontractors. His team is made of certified plumbers, electricians, masons, steel workers, engineers, and even two architects.

“I trained all my lead guys in Miami,” he said. “My objective with that is that they learned finishes and quality.”

He wants his finished home to be the same standard as a North American build.

“I am the bridge between the United States because I have built in both places,” he says.

The first step when he meets a new client is seeing their land and approved cadastral map, and then “we move on to ideas,” he says.

Once a design is finalized, he gets to work on all the other aspects. He handles all the permitting and everything needed to bring the ideas from paper to a real-life product. Once that is completed, he starts ordering materials. He orders all the construction materials upfront. Tiffer has a 2-acre construction yard to store everything until it is needed. He doesn’t want there to be any supply chain issues once a project starts. He even goes as far as to order interior home items such as fixtures, faucets, and fans.

“One of the things that separates me is my ability to travel to Miami to find what the client needs”

Wesley Tiffer

He also believes in transparency. He has a team lead for every trade and meets with them every Friday, for “sweeps” where they go over all projects in process. He likes things organized and structured.

Home Builders in San Juan del Sur

Next Wave Construction

Next Wave Construction, owned by Jadher Olivas, offers turn-key building projects on a cost-plus basis. They have twelve years of building experience. Many of the homes they have built can be found in the Costa Dulce community, south of San Juan Del Sur. For more information or a consultation, contact Olivas on Facebook or Instagram.

Nica Surf Construction

Nica Surf Construction provides architecture and design concepts. Alvaro Moro does the architectural concepts and 3-D renderings. Once those are agreed upon, the electrical, plumbing, and structural plans are completed with engineers. You can find Nica Surf Construction on Facebook.

Escape Architecture and Design

Owned by Adrien Le Clercq, the Architecture group offers modern, contemporary designs. Le Clercq studied architecture in Europe. He has been living and designing homes in Nicaragua for more than five years. He can be reached on his website.

Salavadore Construcciones

This is a building company owned by local Salvador Gutierrez. They provide building services from permitting all the way through the completion of the project. They have built a number of homes around San Juan Del Sur, including houses in Big Sky Ranch, Prado Hills, Vista Del Mar, and more. He can be found on Facebook.

Building a house in San Juan Del Sur can be a dream for most people. We wish you well on your journey and can’t wait to see your dream come to life.