The Spa in El Bosque in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua, delivers an unforgettable experience of pure relaxation in a breathtaking setting.

Like you, life and family keep me pretty busy. Although I live by the beach and the sun is always shining, finding time to truly turn off and tune out of the non-stop world of Nicaraguan real estate can be challenging. At the end of each year, I make an honest effort to set aside time to reflect, unwind, and attempt to unplug. I kept hearing great reviews of the Spa in El Bosque, Rancho Santana’s latest addition to their amenity-rich development and knew I had to try it out firsthand to see what all the fuss was about.

Learn more about my experience at the new Spa in el Bosque in Rancho Santana and find out how you and your family can enjoy the refreshing, relaxing, and professional spa experience.

Rancho Santana is Luxury

Entering Rancho Santana always puts a smile on my face. The prominent yet subtle stone entryway tucked off the main road lets you know you have arrived – “We’re here!!”. The smooth-rolling hills lined with mature landscaping take you past security and lead to the main reception, clubhouse, and restaurant area, looking out over one of the many beaches that make up the project.

Before heading to the spa, I had to get the family situated and comfortable – something I knew would be no issue at The Ranch. My wife, mother, two young daughters, and I strolled to the pool and plopped down in a cabaña. We ordered some tasty food and strong cocktails, and I quickly hopped in the pool with my oldest daughter while we awaited our food. The sun was out, the kids were happy, and my stress level was checked at the front gate without me realizing it.  With my mom in town visiting, she could watch the little ones, but Rancho Santana offers excellent nanny services for parents who need an extra set of hands.

With full bellies and wide smiles from my family, that was our cue to head to the spa – “Adios!”

The Spa in El Bosque is Impressive, Seriously!

Built into the lush mountains of Rancho Santana, the 6,000-square-foot spa and wellness sanctuary is unlike anything I have seen in Nicaragua. A handcrafted stone staircase and pathway take you to the spa, giving you the feeling of walking up into the clouds. We were greeted with a cold hand towel and a chilled glass of water by Anette, the incredibly gracious general manager.

I knew we were in for a treat when I entered the locker room. The intimate lighting, calming music, and meticulously detailed custom tile and woodwork began to put me in a zen-like trance. The space is beautiful with perfect lines of continuity, precious hardwood juxtaposed with local art, and high-end finishes. Although I’m trained to look at properties, anyone would notice and appreciate the detail and one-of-a-kind design. I quickly took a rinse under the large rain shower head, slid into my robe and slippers, and met my wife to begin our odyssey of euphoria. The spa treatments had not even started, yet I felt a sense of immense relaxation by just being present in the space.

Anette gave us a brief tour of the facilities, where I was once again impressed by the impeccable design by famed architect Jim Suttner of Rorer Studio. I was equally in awe of the flawless construction executed by Santa Ana Madera (Rancho Santana’s design & construction company).

Then the fun began, Mr. “I hate the cold” was about to have his first cold pool experience. 

One of the Few Hot and Cold Pools in Nicaragua

The floating staircase took us downstairs to the hot & cold plunge pools. The intimate rooms with views of the forest are perfect for couples. As we dipped our toes into the water, we glanced at each other in a moment of happiness as we realized that we had officially disconnected from the outside world. My wife, Belkys, forced me into the cold pool first, and I was up for the challenge. WOW, it was really cold, like really cold!! But the body quickly adapts to the shock, and you are zapped with an exhilarating feeling. You begin to feel the benefits of the treatment as you cycle between both pools, and as an active yogi and runner, your body feels invigorated.

Pure Bliss by Skilled Hands

We headed back upstairs, where our masseuses led us higher into the lush forest lined with wood cabins and robust flora and fauna. Our cabin had a full ensuite bathroom with a powder station and outdoor shower. At this point, I floated toward the massage table, requested a deep tissue massage, and dissolved into ecstasy.

The masseuses were extremely skilled in their craft, and the usage of creams and oils was harmonious with the type of treatment. Keeping in theme with Rancho Santana, all the products incorporated into our massage were made from ingredients indigenous to Nicaragua and cultivated from their on-site organic farm. Volcanic clay from nearby volcanoes and honey from The Ranch’s hives are two of the many elements incorporated into their treatments.

An Unforgettable Wellness Experience

After our romantic couples massage, we took some time to sit on the balcony of our cabin and take in the scenery of El Bosque (the forest). It’s clear to see why this secluded, peaceful, and naturally relaxing location was chosen to house this special project.

I am a self-proclaimed massage enthusiast and have been fortunate enough to experience some of the best spas on various continents, and I have no qualms about saying that The Spa in El Bosque does not disappoint. The spa delivers immaculate facilities, a highly trained staff, and a focus on incorporating luxury in a synergistic manner with Nicaragua’s natural beauty.

We will definitely be back and will probably have to make it part of our monthly self-care routine.  For a busy family with two young kids, the ability to be in a comfortable and safe setting, with culinary quality food and top-notch services readily available, is why we love Rancho Santana.

We highly recommend that you head to the Spa in El Bosque in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua, to indulge in their first-class wellness experience. Want to experience the Spa in El Bosque all the time? We have some great properties available in Rancho Santana.

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