In 2017, my girlfriend Nina and I embarked on a journey down to Nicaragua by car, looking to buy a piece of land or a house. While in Guatemala, we saw Leslie’s ad on RE/MAX for the house that would eventually become ours. Now admittedly, we didn’t fully know what we were getting ourselves into, buying a house in the jungle that was essentially uninhabitable without a proper amount of work being done to it first, but Leslie was there for us through the entire process. Even months after we had purchased the house, Leslie would check in on us, make sure we could find supplies, workers, and the help that we needed. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without him, and I’m sure there were times when we drove him a little crazy. Leslie is not just an excellent real estate agent, but he’s simply an excellent human. He could have wiped his hands clean of us once the deal was done, but he stuck with us through thick and thin to make sure that we were adjusting properly and to just be our friend. Eventually, the investment became a bit too much for us, and we decided to sell the house that we had spent so much time and energy refurbishing, and when we needed Leslie’s assistance, he was right there for us. It was never our intention to flip our house, but with Leslie’s help and intimate knowledge of the community in San Juan del Sur, we were able to sell it for a profit. I 100% put my full faith in him, and we still stay in touch and check in with each other even though I live back in California full time.