About Christina Alty


Christina, a Texas native, spent her first years after college working as a journalist and public relations professional before finding her passion in real estate. She joined Invest Nicaragua after building a successful real estate career in Dallas, Texas, and developing a desire to help other families fulfill their personal and real estate goals in San Juan del Sur.

Before moving to Nicaragua permanently, she negotiated and bought property south of San Juan del Sur. With her family by her side, she undertook the journey to design and build a home. Shortly after completion, they came on a one-month vacation and never left. They now call the southern area of San Juan Del Sur home.

As the mother of two children, she could not be more thrilled with the opportunities for exploration, education, and growth that San Juan del Sur offers.

The move to Nicaragua has been a dream since her first visit in 2013. She loves the lifestyle and freedom that Nicaragua offers her and her family, and hopes to share her passion for the county with others. Christina brings the first-hand experience of living and investing in Nicaragua and loves to help her clients realize their dream of a new life and/or investment in this tropical Paradise that she calls home.

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