About Belkys Carcache


Belkys is a real estate agent, industrial engineer, and founding member of Invest Nicaragua. Belkys has helped guide Invest Nicaragua’s vision of a more sustainable, opportunity-rich future for the community she calls home. Born and raised in Rivas, Belkys has witnessed San Juan Del Sur grow from dirt roads and horse carts into the bustling town it is today. After moving to San Juan Del Sur with Leslie in 2014, Belkys began to study real estate and train alongside her husband, learning the ropes and setting the foundation for a team of their own.

Belkys has a deep interest in the development of her home country and is passionate about using her entrepreneurial spirit to sustain this momentum. Belkys is the owner of a successful clothing boutique, Vintage Collection, located in Annie’s Market, Invest Nicaragua’s staple commercial plaza in San Juan del Sur.

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